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The wonderfully fragrant air and the imposing, yet calming landscape immediately cast a spell over you and literally invite you to let go and slow down, pause, meditate and connect with others.

The whole area surrounding the Plitvice Lakes invites you to explore and linger. Our glamping lodges are located in the immediate vicinity of the Mrežnica River, nestled in this majestic natural setting. 

Our entire resort is designed with love and dedication to appeal to all the senses - especially the sense of well-being. 


Our philosophy is that everything is energy and that the intention that is sent out can be felt and manifested. In this way, the entire resort becomes the fulfilment of a personal dream: to meet people with love and create a place of peace, healing, relaxation and conviviality.

Every guest is welcomed like a guest at home, and only the best is just good enough.

You can contact us in confidence with your wishes and ideas. Our wellbeing manager Adis is dedicated to fulfilling them. When booking, please let us know your personal goals for your stay: be it an active holiday, relaxation, rest or stress relief. We can then make you personalised suggestions for excursions and experiences.

Please also note our constantly evolving retreat offers, where we bring in the best trainers, coaches and spiritual teachers to help you with your personal development on all levels.


Our tranquil surroundings around Slunj / Rastoke have been voted the most pristine destination in the world by the UNWTO, and rightly so. We look forward to introducing you to this area during your stay at our resort and leaving a lasting impression in your heart.



Kristina Jovic and the entire resort team


Our wonderful gardens were lovingly planned and realised by landscape architects Kaja Šprljan Bušić and Ines Hrdalo. The Zen zones have created magical places of contemplation, tranquillity and relaxation.

Zen-Zone Synergie

Zen-Zone Synergy

Located at the lower end of our resort, between the yoga areas and the beautiful, unspoilt nature on the hillside, this zone offers an ideal space for exercise, meditation or simply relaxing hours of reading and dreaming. Enjoy the comfort of the cosy cushions provided.

Zen-Zone Wasser

Zen-Zone Water

Experience wonderful sunsets and meditative moments in our Zen Zone water, an oasis of relaxation and regeneration. The gentle lapping of the water creates a calming soundscape, while the clear reflections on the water's surface create a peaceful and meditative space.

In the midst of this Zen zone, you can escape the hectic pace of everyday life and find deep inner peace. The play of water is not only visually appealing, but also has a beneficial effect on body and mind. The calming presence of water promotes stress reduction, increases concentration and contributes to a feeling of balance.

Cushions are provided for your comfort and access is via our unique barefoot path.

Zen-Zone Barfußpfad

Zen-Zone Barfoot Path

Immerse yourself in nature and connect with the mother earth by walking barefoot along the path. This sensory trail not only allows you to experience the natural environment directly, but also promotes grounding and connection with nature. By walking on different textures such as gravel, sand, wood and grass, you experience a variety of sensory stimulation, heightening your awareness of the ground you are walking on.

The barefoot path has a positive effect on your well-being and also has a relaxing effect on your entire body. It also intensifies your grip on the ground, giving you a feeling of grounding and balance.

Zen-Zone Spiralgarten

Zen-Zone Spiral Garden

Immerse yourself in the aromatic diversity of our spiral garden, which is home to an abundance of tea plants, herbs and spices, specially selected for our exquisite homemade tea. Find relaxation on our inviting stone snail, surrounded by beguiling scents as you watch the bees and bumblebees bustle lively in this blooming oasis. Our carefully selected herbs produce a colourful palette of flowers that not only stimulate the senses, but also provide bees with a continuous and nutrient-rich source of food. Experience the perfect symbiosis of pleasure and natural beauty in the Spiral Garden, where every moment becomes a harmonious interplay of flavours and living biodiversity.

Zen-Zone Luft und Duft

Zen-Zone Air and Scent

In the Zen zone of air and fragrance, cosily concealed and surrounded by gentle plants and flowers, you will experience a sensual oasis. There is space here to be enchanted by the beguiling fragrances, the beauty of the flowers and the variety of colours. This retreat invites you to find a moment of peace while you immerse yourself in the natural harmony of the surroundings. A true paradise, not only for you, but also for nature's invigorating guests – insects and birds that make this Zen zone a living ecosystem. Immerse yourself and experience the synthesis of scent, colour and nature that come together in this unique environment.

Zen-Zone Feuer

Zen-Zone Fire

This Zen zone forms the centrepiece for social encounters at our fireplace. On the traditional "suhosid" (stone wall) seating, you can end the evening by the fire, chat, share your experiences and make new contacts - accompanied by refreshing drinks. Discover a luxurious hideaway nestled in the unspoilt beauty of nature.

Zen-Zone Yoga

Zen-Zone Yoga

The platforms create the ideal environment for your outdoor training and enable a harmonious connection with nature. Whether you practise yoga, Qi Gong, Taiji, Kung Fu or other holistic exercises – here, body and mind are harmonised to increase your overall well-being. Enjoy the surrounding nature and experience spectacular sunsets at this hotspot for holistic training. Our platforms offer space for up to 20 practitioners and create the perfect open-air oasis for your exercise practice.


From accommodation to events, we offer a range of luxury marquee accommodation.

Take a look at our booking page to find the right tent for your needs.

Lounge Interior


An exquisitely equipped, covered outdoor kitchen is at your disposal for self-catering. There are also various barbecue areas for sociable outdoor cooking. The kitchen has spacious fridges where you can store your personal lockable box. An inspiring breakfast experience always awaits you with fresh fruit and vegetables, muesli, yoghurt and a variety of milks. You can organise everything else as you wish. During the retreat, fully vegetarian-vegan catering is provided, which will enrich your stay with culinary delights.

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